Dr. Khagendra Bahadur Shrestha played seriously in many kinds of sports in his young days. It was almost to the point of spoiling his career and life. But with timely advice and help by friends, well-wishers and relatives and then with his own hard work and firm determination he came out of it and succeeded in his goal. He firmly believes that his involvement in sports in his earlier years endowed him qualities like discipline, dedication and determination in achieving his goals. and he has become successful in his occupation as an army officer, in the profession as a doctor and in life as a person. Truly sports are of great importance for physical fitness and well being, intellectual development and emotional stability. With this conviction, Dr. Khagendra Bahadur Shrestha encourages people of various walks of life to be engaged in sports. Now towards the latter half of his life, he wants to do something for the welfare of sportsmen and promotion of sports as a whole. Thus he formed a trust entitled Dr. Khagendra Sports Foundation (DKSF) with the noble aim of extending all round support and activities focusing on sportsmen and players and sports activities. Initially, its motto was basically directed to sportsmen “Acknowledge Sportsmen, Honor Sportsmen, Assist Sportsmen.”

In his concept Sportsmen and players are classified into two distinct groups as depicted by the iceberg – above the water surface and visible, and below the water surface, submerged and not visible is ignored. Of those visible above the water surface, players at the peak are the serious and recognized and national players; and those just on the surface of water are upcoming and newly establishing and young players, who try and number of them perform better and better and few of them ultimately rise towards the peak and few reach the top and become national players.

From his own experience, he feels that the upcoming youngsters, especially if they are talented and performing better and better in his games, are the vulnerable group and can be easily carried away too far and be involved in sports at the cost of his study or career. They require being helped and handled intelligently in this period – in both present sports and future career..

The submerged and invisible huge mass is represented by all the people irrespective of age and gender, of different walks of life and profession and from the length and breadth of the country. This group is not necessarily ardent sportsmen or player but should be participating in sports activities of one kind or other. Number of them of course rise above the surface as serious players and rest bulk should continue in some sort of sports activities for which appropriate sports environments and opportunities and tournaments are to be provided so that they remain attracted and involved in the sports and become healthy and disciplined or law-abiding citizen.

These groups are represented clearly in the Logo of the Foundation – the ‘heart, representing the whole population, and ‘round shape’ upcoming and talented young lot and ‘arrowhead’ the top class and national players. So other motto added is ‘Sports for Health, Sports for Discipline, Sports for All’.