DKSF visualizes the different groups with its own specific objectives and priorities for focusing its activities. For this it is divided into three distinct groups. This can be broadly be given by the caption chart given below:

The heart shaped area group representing people of all age groups, genders and sects and countrywide should be provided with basic infrastructures like playgrounds, covered courts, etc. for various kinds of sports and promote them through clubs and tournaments and competition and encourage them to participate in the sports. The objective is to achieve and produce healthy and disciplined citizen through the medium of sports as they get into the habit of playing and also within rules of games and be abided by them.

The visible group is divided into two subgroups - round area  as Potential and upcoming players and arrow head  area as National and top class players,. Potential and upcoming players first should be identified which is possible through tournaments and competitions. Once they are identified, they should be encouraged and assisted by providing trainings and opportunities to participate in regional, national and international competitions. The objective is to help improve their performance and become better players. They also should commit to it. But meanwhile they should not lose sight of their future – in studies if he or she is a student or job or profession. Top class and national players should be given due recognition and be appreciated and acclaimed for their effort and achievement for the country and further assistance are required to maintain or further improve their performance. Equally important is not to ignore them once they fail to maintain their supremacy. On the contrary they must be given opportunity to see that they continue delivering their expertise in sports and also spend the future life securely and happily.

  1. Sports and Health
  2. Sports and Medicine
Activities categories so far done
  1. Workshop/Seminar
  2. Hands-on-training CPR
  3. Publication of Sports related books
  4. Help (Financial, Sports goods) to the Sportsmen, Sports activities & Sports institution
  5. Felicitation
  6. Participation& Medical Partner
  7. Blood Donation
  8. Health checkup
  9. Honorary membership
  10. Sports encouragement